cy's commission info!

click through the tabs :-0

commissioning rules!

payment upfront!
i accept paypal, venmo, and cashapp!

all prices are base prices!
complex designs may raise the price!
extra characters will cost 3/4ths of base price!
big changes after completion will cost extra!

i can deny your commission for any reason!
no refunds unless no work has been done!


$20 per emote!
$55 for 3!
$90 for 5!
(sub badges are the same price!)


$25 each!
only one subject can fit per icon!


$50 for a banner with text!
characters will be drawn waist-up!
complex backgrounds start at $10!

full body!

$70 for full-bodies!
$55 for half-bodies!
complex backgrounds start at $10!
adding text adds $5!
half-body artwork can be cut off at anywhere between the waist and mid-thigh!


prices will be worked out based on what you would like in your illustration!


here is the list of my active commissions!

you can contact me on:

twitter! @cyruscorneja
instagram! @cyruscorneja
discord! @cyrus#1921